Diversity has become a euphemism for moral relativism. This becomes clear when we consider the fact that despite our endless “diversity” initiatives Americans aren’t valuing more things. Quite the contrary, we’re simply abandoning more of our time-honored values. If anything, we’re becoming increasingly intolerant of our differences and divided in our dispositions. It might help to note, Jesus prayed “that [we] may be one,” not “that [we] may be [diverse].”

Besides, diversity for its own sake is not inherently moral. Without asking ourselves “Diversity in what context?” it isn’t hard to see how making diversity a goal in and of itself dangerously places us on the slippery slope of attempting to justify both good and evil. But any attempt to justify evil must of necessity abandon that which is good. That is to say, good and evil are eternally divided. And no amount of diversity or rhetorical equivocation can ever change that fact.

For society to remain civil, objective truth is required. The idea that there is “your” truth and “my” truth undermines truth that should be self-evident. Moreover, it clouds our vision and jeopardizes our judgment. It obscures true north. It exalts feelings at the expense of facts. Indeed, it divides us on grounds that ultimately lead to civil unrest and political instability.

The moment society fractures at the point of facts (fake news, anyone?) is the moment things inevitably become decidedly less civil, as evidenced by our increasing political and social incivility.

So as long as we remain committed to stressing our differences and diversity, no one should be surprised if our unity becomes strained to the point of exhaustion.

In other words, I can’t imagine how our efforts to diversify everything could end in anything short of a revolution. And, at least for some people, perhaps that’s the point – a thought that should be cause for concern.

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