Jeremy Ostler

The Founder
As a former interrogator, I learned the intricate dance of human psychology—how to peel back layers of defense, uncover truth, and understand what makes a person tick. But little did I know, this was just the prologue to a greater journey that lay ahead.

As I transitioned into the world of jury consultancy, I stepped into an arena where the stakes were different but the game was the same: understanding people. Attorneys, draped in the weight of their responsibilities, would seek my expertise. Their objective? To win cases. But beneath that desire was a myriad of human complexities. My role was vast—I was the hand guiding them in selecting juries, the whisper in the ear of nervous witnesses, the pen behind compelling opening statements, and the anchor grounding closing arguments. But, more than anything, I was the mirror reflecting back the potential I saw in each attorney.

There’s a unique fulfillment in watching someone grow and evolve. As I coached these attorneys, I recognized a pattern. Many were shackled by limiting beliefs, haunted by the specter of impostor syndrome, or strangled by the fear of vulnerability. Yet, at their core, they harbored a genuine desire—to be authentic, to master their emotions, to earn trust, to relate to their audience, and to passionately advocate for their cause. And it was here, in the crossroads of these vulnerabilities and aspirations, that I found my true calling.

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