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“Because of Jeremy, my world has grown with possibility. He is a miracle worker!”

The Three Laws of Performance

The Law of Performance and Perception

The way individuals behave or perform in any given situation is closely linked to how they perceive that situation. In other words, our actions reflect how we interpret and make sense of the world around us. If someone perceives a situation as threatening, they are likely to respond with fear or caution. Conversely, if they perceive it as an opportunity, they might approach it with enthusiasm and confidence. How we perceive a situation significantly influences our behavior and performance within it

The Law of Linguistic Construction

The way a situation occurs to us is intricately tied to the language we use to describe it. Language shapes our understanding and interpretation of events, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and actions. When we articulate our experiences through language, we give form and structure to them. The words we choose to describe a situation can emphasize certain aspects, downplay others, or even completely alter our perception of it. In essence, the language we employ becomes a powerful tool in constructing our reality.

The Law of Future-Based Language

The power of language in shaping our perception of future situations is transformative. When we use language that is future-oriented, such as setting goals, making plans, or envisioning possibilities, it has a profound impact on how we perceive and approach those situations. Future-based language enables us to create a sense of direction, motivation, and anticipation. By articulating our desired outcomes and framing them in language, we can influence our mindset and the mindset of others, altering how we perceive and engage with future scenarios. Impossible futures, in other words, become possible.

“Working with Jeremy has changed my life, both personally and professionally. Truly, the honor has been all mine. I’ve never been more excited or confident of the present and future as I am right now.”

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Jeremy Ostler Consulting

Learn how to take control of your life’s trajectory, and advocate for yourself. As a former interrogator and jury consultant, Jeremy knows how to help people achieve rapid personal and professional growth. His unique coaching system leverages mindset training and high-performance strategies that help eliminate fears and overcome self-limiting beliefs. Jeremy’s techniques help anyone to operate in a state of peak performance. He understands the art and science of human behavior and has worked with individuals in high-stress environments to unlock their full potential.

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How to rewrite your future, unconstrained by the limits, traumas, and fears of the past

Meet Your Coach

 Jeremy Ostler
He is an accomplished mindset and performance coach. As a former interrogator and jury consultant, he has worked closely with individuals in high-stress environments such as trial attorneys, politicians, military professionals, Department of Defense contractors, entrepreneurs, and business owners unlock to their full potential.
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